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and then a giant box arrived

sugar plum faeries

the year in review not really

yesterday it snowed

daybreak, by brian ralph

the next big thing meme

cigar-tin story #138

cough cough cough

das tigerthier

science you forgot

seen / scene

some mistakes were made but none were imagined

ready player one

embrace change

state-of-the-art destructive capabilities

black friday

let it shine

dark all day


dust bowl

don't ever tell her

who, boo, miss talseth

are you a ghost?

it will all work out i'm sure

who, boo, elizabeth

how poor are you ... really?

can your song be heard?

jeannette / boo

tons and tons

please label boxes


who boo -- Tiny Anteater Dancer

the who boo -- susan

just you wait

and put away your sleepy logic

in canada, we're only thankful after the giving