can your song be heard?

can your song be heard?; inks on paper

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Halloween was the cat's ass when I was a kid. Of course this was small-town Saskatchewan in the late 70's and early 80's, a time when kids could still run wild, and the nearest police station was some twenty miles away. The trick-or-treating years were good -- the costume mattered but didn't matter, warmth trumped style, there was no sense of competition about it (where the fuck were you going to get a fancy costume, anyway? in the city? yeah right), because all the kids were so completely focused on going to *every* house (well, you skipped the widower drunks, and most of the old folks' home) in town, and getting as much candy as they could carry -- but the older kids had more fun, buying eggs by the flat, and carrying whole sackfuls of water balloons, and toilet paper, and bars of soap in their pockets, and having a kind of running battle with any other teenagers they saw, and even a few parents, and taunting the one mountie car that briefly rolled through town.

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