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A couple of things I wanted to talk about today, but since there's no damn time (again with the complaining) I'll post about Dark All Day, the title of a story I published awhile ago in Branch Magazine, and also the title of my second book of short stories, which recently won a manuscript contest. I can't do better than the official statement, so here it is:
Darryl Joel Berger’s Dark All Day wins the 2012 Fjords Review No-Fee Annual Contest. Picked by John Gosslee, Dark All Day will hit the bookshelves in September 2013.
The illustration above is an example of the interior artwork -- every story has a picture. All forty one of them. Because I like to make my life difficult.

Also difficult is talking about your own writing. So I'll quote from Fjords again, this time from their newsletter:
We received many excellent entries and our favorites are noted on our shortlist.

First Place
Darryl Joel Berger's Dark All Day
Berger's unconventional writing style coupled with fun drawings that introduce each of the 41 short stories in the collection Dark All Day are very fresh unencumbered takes on the short story. His genre bending style bridges prose, micro-fiction and offers a great deal of energy for the short pieces. The full length book will appear in Fall 2013 and is distributed by Small Press Distribution and Ingram.

Short List
Stephanie Dickinson
Richard Murphy
So ... good. I'm excited! I'll post updates as we move along.


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