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cuba libre

So: we went to Cuba. It was cold and grey and raining when we left. It was cold and grey and raining here today, but then the sun wandered around after lunch. 

I desperately needed a break. Or at least some kind of line or marker, somewhere to restart from. Sometimes you can just feel yourself drifting along. 

And Cuba was filled with: megatonic sun and sudden walls of heat and winds building throughout the day, warm bottle-blue ocean, foam-crashing waves, endless white beach. And some random things...

• Someone should do a documentary called Strange Hotel Rooms. Ours at the Montreal airport didn't appear strange; in fact, everything looked quite nice (although the view, over acres of parking and wet pavement, threatened to slide from one's field of vision). But at night the sounds came out, the little click click clicks of the heater, the gasping of some unseen fan, disembodied voices above or below or somewhere down the hall, double muffled in cushioned darkness.

• And someone e…

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