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In the New York Times Magazine there is a feature called This Boy's Life: The enduring spell of S.E. Hinton's 'The Outsiders'––then, now and always. This includes an interview with S.E. Hinton and a fashion spread of bloodless young men in stiff, unforgiving denim and very thin moustaches. The clothes have a gritty, flawed, surplus-store quality. Some items include:     • Polo Ralph Lauren jacket, $1,998
    • Calvin Klein 205W39NYC sweater, $1,600
    • Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello plaid shirt, $890
    • Helmut Lang t-shirt, vintage, from the David Casavant Archive, price on request

Eat your heart out, Ponyboy.

I know you're bitter about everything, C says, but those are great books, and she wrote them when she was still a girl.

Am I bitter about everything? That feels inaccurate, like the German army crossing the Polish frontier being described as a home invasion. 'Bitter' implies a level of understanding and engagement that I don't know if I'm c…

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