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It's okay to be poor. I've been poor. I'll be poor again.

It's okay to be stupid. I've certainly been stupid. And I still practice, whenever I have the chance.

It's even okay to be obnoxious. In business, they call this Assertiveness Training; put yourself out there, make moves, see what happens.

But it is absolutely deadly to be poor, stupid and obnoxious all at once. And yet people still try it on. Like the masterminds who dumped mounds of garbage in our back alley, thinking they'd performed the perfect crime. Until the city came by for a look and found bills and receipts with a name and an address (of course, having solved the crime, and promised to prosecute, they still haven't cleaned it up -- at least three weeks running).

Or the people around the corner from us, who placed a couch out on the sidewalk last month, and were ultimately defeated by the twin agencies of no one wanting to take away a dirty, ripped up piece of used furniture and the city refusing to pick it up. So they moved it back beside the house and -- doubtless employing a bit of chaos theory -- counterattacked by putting out eight or nine bursting bags of garbage Wednesday night, along with the wrong recycling. To which the city responded by putting tags on everything (you're only allowed one bag) and leaving the recycling where it was.


  1. It would take the beauty of plants. The only living beings in this universe that do not produce noise or garbage.


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