it will all work out i'm sure

Well, apparently the right guy won the American presidential election last night, mostly because everyone was more scared of the other guy (who wanted to represent everything, or at least anything that people would vote for), and were alternately suspicious or horrified of the party he represented. So chalk one up for democracy, I guess. Still, the whole thing had a Y2K stink about it, all this drama that just evaporated around midnight.

* * * * *

Now the real trouble begins. When exactly did the one indispensable nation turn into such a basket case? It's like Publishers Clearing House meets Kids Day in Russia down there, all oversized novelty cheques and people taking pictures of their food.

* * * * *

Actually, there was guy on the radio this morning going after the foodies and the inane kind of consumer elitism they represent. Sometimes I think I'm the only one having these kind of piss-on-the-parade thoughts, but then hey, along comes this British guy, talking about gastronomic meaninglessness.

* * * * *

None of which did anything to console me as I underwent a root canal this morning. How can a human jawbone catch on fire? Or at least smell like it. And now my mouth feels like the leftovers from a Dante-themed picnic. Dentist says it should only hurt for a couple of days. O good, I mumbled.


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