ready player one

It's been at least three weeks since I finished this and I still don't know what to say about. I mean, I *did* finish it, and pretty quickly, so I must have enjoyed it on some level. I know I did. At the same time, the experience was rather empty. The conceit is good (future dystopia predicated on an escapist, virtual-reality culture), with an interesting twist (gaming -- and in particular one game -- is everything, and that one game is based on the 1980's), and the plot moves along very nicely, but the effect is flat. It's one of those books where everything is mentioned and a few things are explained but nothing is examined in any kind of meaningful way. Apparently it will soon be a movie.


  1. Hey, that post is funny - I found your blog, when I decided to do my blog in German too - and then I looked which blogs followed it, and yours was the next after the next. Scrolled a bit - liked it, joined.


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