black friday

Timur was also a fun guy.

* * * * *

Poor Oona -- had to carry her home from the daycare yesterday, so limp she was with her little fever. Some Tylenol and water, then straight to bed. I've probably got the same thing, though of course it tends to manifest differently in my old carcass; let's just say that what you hear in the distance may not, in fact, be gunfire.

* * * * *

On a related note, I've been reading The Great Big Book of Horrible Things. How could I resist a title like that? All the classics are here, of course, from Genghis Khan to the Second World War, but who knew that the War of the Triple Alliance (Paraguay versus everyone) killed half a million people? Or the same for the Third Mithridatic War? Bloody Pontus. Hell, exactly how many people know that the Sino-Dzungar War ever happened? Or the Bahmani-Vijayanagara war? Still, the big lesson remains that most bad things (at least in terms of body count) happen in China.


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