yesterday it snowed

It snowed she said and then much talking about the snow on the way, we both agreed that it came from the sky, and from the clouds in particular, and then asking about the tracks on the road, and the footprints, new and nearly perfect as if in damp talc, and we guessed that these were from people, and even some little people, maybe on the way to school, maybe even her friends, in fact probably her friends, which caused a spontaneous round of Jingle Bell Rock, all in chorus, she said it was a Christmas song, and did I know what its name was? It's name was Jingle Bell Rock. Santa would come visit her because she was good, although the bunny rabbit that I pretended was trapped in mommy's purse that morning was bad, because he bit people, and rubbed his paws together in an evil way, so Santa should be careful. He will be careful, right dad? Of course I said. I want to be good she said, and I told her that was a grand idea.


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