state-of-the-art destructive capabilities

If by any chance you ever need your psyche crushed -- and by crushed I mean absolutely destroyed, faster and more completely than Custer riding down to greet the Sioux nation -- then just avail yourself of the services of any three year-old. Honestly. Soviet neurosurgeons would blush.

Our own master of disaster has achieved something I like to call Full Ego Boundary Pounding: everything hurts, everything is a problem and everything can be subverted.
Daddy, what is this?
That's squash.
I don't like squash.

What's this?
That's chicken.
I don't like chicken.

I want my mittens on the inside. I want my mittens on the outside. I don't want those shoes. I don't want that scarf. This scarf hurts me. My face is cold. I don't want to wear a hat. My head is cold. I'm tired. I don't want to go to school. I'm not tired. I don't want to have a nap. I don't have any pee in my body. I still have pee in my body. What are you talking about? Don't talk about that. These pants hurt me. This shirt hurts me. I want a bear. I want a doll. I want two dolls. No, I don't want any dolls! I'm not hungry. I'm full. I want dessert. I want ice cream. But I like ice cream.
And so on. Today, once we got to daycare, I put her right shoe on three times before finally just sticking her in a chair with her shoe and telling her that she could spend the entire day taking her shoe on and off, because if I didn't leave right then it would turn into that scene where the scientists introduce the Robocop prototypes.


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