daybreak, by brian ralph

I sent this to one of my nephews for xmas, in what now seems like a tradition of sending graphic novels with the hope of keeping reading alive. Of course, I also sent along a wrestling video, but you have to mix the medicine with the candy. 

But this is hardly medicine. I came across it in a bookstore about a year ago, and then stood there until I'd read the whole thing (something I'm sure they just love, down at the ol' bookstore). It's a phenomenon between covers, a story told from a first-person perspective (you) about a zombie apocalypse (perhaps) in which we never really see the zombies (because if we did, you'd be dead) and our only friend is a like a tour guide where you're never really sure of what he's showing you. The artwork is arresting and dynamic but entirely restrained in its service to the story.

For anyone between the ages of 8 and 80, I could not recommend this enough.


  1. Loving your header image and intrigued by the forthcoming book

  2. I was just wondering about you!


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