some mistakes were made but none were imagined

Can you imagine the future? I mean the real future, not the movie this weekend or what your plans are for Christmas or what kind of summer you'll have at the lake; those are just shiny things behind the glass counter. Price tags.

I mean ten or twenty years. I mean middle age, old age. Death. I mean the world improved and dreams realized or darkening every day, roads in ruin. And then all places in between.

Most can't do this. Or won't. It makes people anxious or angry. Or blank.

We have never been busier. So surely all this work and attention and constant distraction must be pointed somewhere, must amount to something. Do we even know what we are doing, and why?

Some people will say, O I just want to be secure and generally happy. Which is a bit like saying you just want it to be warm and sunny out, with no idea that the sun is made of flames.


  1. I think about it about 17 times a day. The road ahead, the path it dribbles down into and of course I think about those flames. The ones in the sun.

  2. That's because you're a pessimist, Susan. You should be an optimist -- like me!

  3. Flying cars. I've been waiting for flying cars since I first saw The Jetsons.

    And conveyor belts that take you through a thing that puts your clothes on for you.

    That's what the future looks like for me.


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