embrace change

I never thought I'd hear you say that. Never in a million years. And yet it was predicted. Don't laugh. I'm serious. just the other day. When we went to lunch. It was in the fortune cookie. I said don't laugh. This is serious. This is about. you. And that's what I didn't realize at the time. The message said, Embrace change, don't battle it. I thought it was talking about me but it was really about you. About what you wanted to say. About how I should accept it. and accept you. I guess some fortunes have a face, and stare back at you.

* * * * *
In the shop.


  1. whoah-when i saw the title of your post, i freaked because i thought you, DJ, were saying this which is disturbing. but, the story is well done and i am thankful that is one of your stories. whew! i love this painting as well, but of course~
    oh, love the turquoise, feather headdress "merle" you have on your sidebar-makes me so fantastically happy~the same joy as seeing a cat in a little vintage dress! thank you DJ!

  2. p.s. the last time i listened to a fortune cookie it said, "someone can't wait to meet you~" then i met my ex-husband. i took this as a big, honking sign that i should marry him. i don't blame the cookie. my interpretion was WAY OFF and that is disturbing~signal interpretation is my job(just really glad no one else got hurt, ok, that isn't true-yikers...)! i have since been to "fortune cookie interpretation" rehab(as you know) and my mojo is working again. i never thought i would hit rock bottom like that. i had to admit it and embrace the change that was, of course to follow~


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