in canada, we're only thankful after the giving

Oona's handiwork. It's called my thanksgiving weekend, filled as it was with turkey, cranberries and cold sunshine, while all the time those certain specific (very specific) fires continued to rage, unabated, deep inside, and in their way sustained me, which is a fine title, I guess, although I'm not crazy about the precious e.e. cummings no-capitalization bit. I mean, enough already.

* * * * *

Anyway: some photographs from our Thanksgiving Monday, when we went on two giant walks, one around our neighbourhood and one around Jones Falls Dam, neither of which produced the desired effect of napping.

Walking backwards.

Swinging stones.

I'll have to dock you for this.

The long and winding road.

Bridges, but not Jeff Bridges.

Getting high.

Locked up.

Love canal.


Olde-timey pipe laying.

You're only caught if you're guilty.


  1. awh. just awh. lovely family moments!

  2. You seem to be mellowing in your old age. Beautiful pics. Love the Mummy & Oona pigtails. Big awh from me too!


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