so you know what i look like

New Year's Eve, while I waited; mixed media on canvas, 24 x 24 inches. The string series continues.

First painting I've done in the new studio, first half of a very fun commission.

* * * * *

In lieu of posting much this month, here's some notes of note from the last year. No, it's not a Best-of, but it would give a stranger a pretty good idea of what I'm carrying inside (fiery pits, leaden skies, black stuff).

* about the flawed, precarious nature of painting

* not playing nicely with others

* the basics of math

* red jacket

* hierarchy

* just an awful movie

* coming home

* heat

* craziness

* peanut

* an open letter to my former studio studio


  1. Love that painting, been enjoying Oona too.

    I'm a bit late but congratulations she's gorgeous

  2. oh i DO so love this one!
    all fragile arms and scarlet lips.


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