knock on, captain crazy

Wink away, you crazy little cupcake.

Just some small 'c' craziness fun last night, I'd just be drifting off to sleep when C would have to get up again, or Ernie would attack the mirror, or a ghost would blow in and go boo, which happened at around midnight when C asked me if I was awake and did I hear that knocking at the front door? I lifted my head. Actually, yes. I do hear it. So I threw on some clothes and went downstairs and opened the door, C dancing around like some moony turnip sprite behind me, and there was no one there. And no one in the street.

Then the light to the back door came on. So I went through that door, and no one was there either, which was hardly a surprise, since the yard is fenced in and the light is sensitive enough to be set off by an aggressively-sized spider. I went to check the garage anyway. Nothing.

This morning I did a walk around and still nothing.

Everyone says this is such good prep for when Peanut comes and we get *no* sleep, which makes me want to say, Well, how about I push you down this flight of stairs and then you'll be all ready for when you actually do fall?


  1. There *were* two people at the door. I saw them. I am not crazy. It's just that someone likes to take his time when strangers are trying to break into his house in the middle of the night.

    PS Did you notice the crazy crooked bangs? My mom was a great mom, but she couldn't cut bangs straight to save her life.

  2. Being testy is also good prep for parenthood. You will be very testy when your "peanut" keeps you up all night.

  3. That would have scared me into giving birth in the hallway. Plop. Or is it "splash?"

  4. um, ghosts kind of do prepare you for having a baby. I hate to say it.

    One, your (well, C's) hearing will be through the effing roof once that baby is out. She will hear babies crying in Guam and tiny footsteps being taken by monks in Budapest

    Two, babies stare at nothing very intently, making you think there are spirits all over your house

    Three, toddlers talk to nobody you can see, but have great descriptions for these "people" in your house that they play with.

    Four, you'll be hallucinating by the time week 4 or 5 rolls around. the human body can go about a month without real sleep before it falls apart. I thought I saw people everywhere.

    So, yeah.
    Maybe word got out in the spirit world that your baby was due, but no one sent the memo saying it's still on the inside.

  5. heh. i like the analogy. yes, please push them down the stairs - ha!

    oh and c -- i should send photos of my bangs in kindergarten. my dad just KEPT at it TRYING to get them straight. shortest bangs on the planet in 1963.


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