held for interrogation

Not open, sharing, playing nicely with others, not working well in groups, not cooperating or collaborating, not enjoying the fraternity of my fellow man, in fact actively resisting the 'wisdom of the crowd', even (unbelievably) doubting the trajectory of the speckled flock. Really, people are just terrible. Ignore, do not complain, just go around.

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C loves this song.

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Everyone is talking about the end of the auto industry, the end of the
car. Yes, fine. But I work with a guy who spends all his time looking at cars online, oohing and ahing over things new and shiny and computer-controlled, and thinking about his next trade, his next lease, his next move in the shell game. And the reason he does this is because the auto-industry is like his crack dealer, albeit with the slickest corners of speed and leather and steel. This is what they do. And my coworker drives everywhere, and everyone he knows drives everywhere, too. It's all driving all the time. There are too many expensive cars, there are too many expensive houses, there is too much flakey financing, there is too much of everything, this giant headache of an unsustainable consumer superhighway, going nowhere. Why don't we just have enough car companies to make enough affordable, dependable cars? Why doesn't the government use all those billions of dollars to create a mass transit system that would be the envy of the world?


  1. poor dear coworker - introduce him to art. that will ease his mind...heh.


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