Mayday, May Day, *hierarchy*

Stormed all night. This morning: dark, soaked. Little black birds with coloured badges on their wings hopped around in the grass. Earthworms stretched out for death on the sidewalk, pink and grey and suddenly nothing. No clouds of midges until just before the office, the wind was something to turn into. I dug this picture out from an old pile, I have no more memory of it other than a vague sense of dread.

* * * * *

The Illustration-Friday theme this week is *hierarchy*. And while it's easy enough to find clear lines to the usual suspects ...

... family (that's me on the left) ...

... social ...

... physical ...

... spiritual ...

... I think we all know that the only hierarchy that matters is the permanent iconography, the never-ending cool of the tragically doomed.

* * * * *

Took this book out of the library, and inside it I found this postcard ...

Poor Mikko. They mooched so much that he didn't even have enough for a stamp. All he had left was the information about where the books come from. I always knew Finland was up to something.

* * * * *

Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?


  1. The storm kept me up all night, but I didn't mind it was lovely.

  2. Aah Tampere, the city where our budget flight lands. Moi!


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