the myth of bad daddy

Due to some rather unfortunate *disinformation* that has proliferated lately, I've been forced to post this video in order to set the record straight. Watch and weep, good-daddy naysayers.


  1. Nothing like "buttering her up!" ... sorry I couldn't resist .... she is the cutest little girl ever! (well, since mine of course..)


  2. Nice, when she's done you get to eat all those crackers.

    Also, her hair is too cute. But should you really be spending hundreds of dollars on baby hair stylists just for these blog posts?

  3. Anonymous10:48 am

    Lawyer: I object!!! All "good daddy" statements are derived from leading questions made in evidence in chief. In addition, we have no evidence that the chain of evidence has been properly preserved - as such this court has no guarantee of the video's reliablility. In other words, it could have been tampered with to make it seem that "good daddy" was being uttered when in fact the opposite is just as likely to have been stated.

    Court: Motion upheld - the evidence shall be stricken from the record. Mr. Berger this court has no choice but to declare you a BAD DADDY. Take the prisoner away.

  4. Anonymous: I'm afraid Bad Daddy only recognizes the court of public opinion, of which I rule. RULE.

  5. Oona is a girl after my own heart. Does she like butter rolled in sugar?

    She does have the best hair ever, too.


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