i hope you're well, kiddo

it's never the way they remember it; mixed media on canvas, 5 x 7 inches. A favourite image lately; Miss Crane has a face for the ages.

* * * * *

C was out with her cult (read: Toastmasters) last night and I meant to watch Blue Velvet but the evening (read: Oona) got away from me. It went on our Zip list after Dennis Hopper died because he's supposed to be so good in it, and because the movie's reputation is demented and villainous, and hey I'm halfway there. I could call it a cultural-reference kinda thing. But C refused to watch it with me, despite all the French New Wave bullshit I've suffered through, just to keep her company. She said Lynch is a misogynist. She said she was over all that. Okay, I thought. But doesn't Isabella Rossellini get naked in this?


  1. I started but couldn't finish Blue Velvet, loved twin Peaks though and am watching that all over again

  2. Is there a female equivalent of misogynist?

    I saw Blue Velvet at the cinema when it was first released, the best bit was seeing people's faces when the lights went up.


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