almost dead, nearly famous

nuna (kens); India inks on paper (page from an old math text book). Illo for a story.

* * * * *
Almost killed this morning: prancing (I was in a princely mood) down Queen Street (doesn't help, does it?) when this minivan pulls out across two lanes and cuts off a supercab truck (you know -- one of those monsters that seats about 20), the truck is already speeding uphill and it has to swerve wildly to miss him, and then the truck guy is so consumed with delivering that righteous death stare to the van guy that he starts drifting (if such a word can be used for leaving your lane at high speed) over towards the sidewalk. And I've just stopped -- standing there watching the whole thing, patting myself down for popcorn. And then the truck guy looks up and veers back into his lane.

This all over the course of mere seconds at 7:35 in the morning. Where is *anybody* going in a hurry at 7:35 in the fucking morning?

Anyway, I nearly made the papers.


  1. People are crazy drivers! Maybe the bad driver is secretly addicted to gambling and has a severe drug problem and maybe is blind in one eye? :)

    I love the drawing.. The depth of the paper is fantastic with the portrait.

  2. I guess they are hurrying to get to the next bar... Jolly glad you're not dead though

  3. glad you are still here. there. you know what i mean

  4. stay outta the papers!!!! keep doing these wonderful drawings

  5. i don't want to have to start buying depends..u make me almost pee my big girl panties !that's way too early to be out walkin even with the time change...stay safe ..!!i only follow a few blogs ya know!!

  6. aaahh great illustration! are these illos for your own stories?

  7. I'm glad you didn't make the papers :)


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