a short history of the wild west; mixed media on canvas, 20 x 20 x 1.5 inches. The string series continues.

One of four in a little show at Studio 330 for the month of June. I posted the first one here.

* * * * *

C was quite (unintentionally) funny this morning, talking about this story on the radio regarding a woman who sustained a head injury (falling from a horse -- why is it always falling from a horse?) and woke up with a Scottish accent. Now, there are many ways to react to this story. Two of the most common, I think, are to say, "That poor woman," and/or, "Wow, the human brain -- what a mystery!" But not C. She's a details gal. She once drove both of us nuts trying to figure out how a certain couple on a certain soap opera came to afford their house. Yeah, that's interesting. To hell with all the romances, affairs, failures, heartaches and even murders. Boring! I want behind-the-scenes info on the real estate situation. And with our brain-injured, brogue-inflicted character from the radio it was no different, because C wanted to haul the poor woman in front of experts to see how "authentic" her accent really was. She thought that would be interesting. Because ... I don't know, maybe she's faking it? Maybe she's just trying it on? Maybe she just wants some attention. And maybe the horse is in on it! If he starts talking in Mandarin, we'll know something's up.


  1. Again, DJ is misrepresenting me in so many ways. A) I wondered how the Duckworths got their original house back from the young couple they had sold it to, not how they had afforded it. And B) I didn't think the woman with the accent was malingering. I wondered if knowing how authentic the accent sounded would illuminate some of the mystery of the human brain.


  2. Re: the Duckworths ... it was all drug money.

    Re: the Scottish accent ... I'm sorry you don't like Scottish people.

  3. ok, the accent-fake as the day is long. i have what is called a "tweener" accent from living too many different places-way different places with totally different languages and my wee brain has mushed them all together the best it can. merle's tweener accent+her backward way of speaking=no one understands a word she is saying. so, one of my former co-workers made a "merle dictionary"-fabulous!

    i have fallen off a horse many times, but i had helmet on-i don't think the helmet made any difference. i once woke up in china.

    and, this painting(that freakish girl in the aqua dress with feathers in her hair-what up with the face paint?) is SOLD! wrap it up please. details of the rest please. i love it so much i might have to send you a kitten!

  4. love your artwork!!!

  5. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Love the string series as always.

    I would wonder too about this woman. It's awfully strange indeed although, I do have an open mind. How is it possible to know a language if one has never studied it? Our minds are computers..if it hasn't been fed the info, well?! Sounds a bit dramatic. Maybe the story is a bit fictional perhaps. Maybe it's the Aliens? My kids keep talking about Aliens taking over the plant and something about the world ending in 2012.

  6. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Taking over the planet...not plant. :-b


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