everyone ...

everyone is someone to tip into; mixed media on canvas, 24 x 24 inches. The string series continues.

* * * * *

Did you have a good weekend? Ours wasn't bad. My back improved -- slowly -- and things hobbled along. We still went swimming on Saturday afternoon; Oona quickly splashed herself into exhaustion. That night we watched the Guy Ritchie version of Sherlock Holmes ... apparently, he's a bit of an action hero now. Good for him. On Sunday morning I finished the painting above. C did a ton of yard work (read: stretchy-neck stuff), and I made a roast pork and baked squash for supper. It was delicious.


  1. Anonymous9:57 am

    Wow a fairly "normal" explanation of a seemly lovely weekend.

  2. Your work is AMAZING! I'm so happy you stopped by my blog so I could be introduced to your art. Love this string series.

  3. Wow. Lovely. Glad your back is improving.

  4. This one is my very favourite one...so far that is.


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