tarzan, tintin

I had no idea that Tarzan was a Nazi. None. Okay, yes, putting himself at the top of the local species pyramid, that was a clue. And yes, the whole blonde, blue-eyed thing. Brutal minded, violent, contemptuous of civilization. I mean, who names their kid Korak (meaning, the Killer)?

Oh well: I guess I can always go back to the innocent antics of Tintin. You know, that fifteen year-old French kid with the cowlick, who runs around with his toy dog and grown sailors, always going off to sea and having adventures?

Run, Tintin. Do not get on that ship. Run.


  1. Asterix and Obelix were my favourites, and I see from the article that they were not gay

    Obelix was a wee bit girly mind you. Girly for a warrior anyway

    Oh, how I loved those books

  2. I'd take Tintin over Tarzan any day - I've never been keen on yodelling men

  3. That Tarzan (according to german husband) is Johhny Weissmueller. Makes him German anyway. That pose is a gas though. heh.
    Tintin. sweet.

  4. I <3 tintin too.
    my son has most the books. he's 7....i know it's not politically-correct
    oh well! cowlicks rock!!!!


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