So I've been on a bit of a Parker kick –– two books in four days, Flashfire and The Sour Lemon Score. I have Butcher's Moon on my bedside table. That will leave twenty one left to go.

I came at these from the graphic novels –– The Hunter, The Outfit, The Score and Slayground –– which are worth it for the artwork alone. But with the novels you get the full blood pudding.

Parker is an anti-hero but for me he's more anti-hope. Things will never get better but better things can always be stolen, at least for awhile. And while there is no magic in the world, there is plenty of misdirection. The rest: professional thief, ruthless operator, sociopath with a deep read on human weakness, heartless pragmatist who nonetheless follows a code, a kind of ethic, which includes wreaking havoc on other criminals who cross him, and never trusting a power beyond his own.

To draw him in black ink is almost perfect.

I've also drawn some Japanese ghosts lately.

Postscript: There are some Parker movie adaptations out there but they're all shit so don't bother.

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