the bunny is hollow at the bottom

I was about to write something about it being a long week when I realized it was only Thursday. Tomorrow being Good Friday.

Blink twice for the weekend, then Oona's home for Monday (Easter Monday?) as well.

I've gone off on Easter before so I won't bother. Needless to say that a four-day weekend so quick on the heels of March Break feels a bit bloody, even gratuitous.

And it was a tough week. Too much design work lately, which means not doing any actual design at all, which means too much sitting in front of a computer, which means playing detective work with other people's problems.

We do these things for money, yes. Listened to a BBC podcast which asked, does money make people mean? The answer, of course, is yes –– with notable exceptions (otherwise the word philanthropy wouldn't exist). The BBC could have stayed home on this one. 

But at least they're asking the question. 

And while it's not a problem that I'll ever need to think about (meaning: I'll never have any money beyond getting by), I can tell you that living in a developing neighbourhood (read: rough), amongst the kind of people who always wear their hoodie up and walk with a limp and prefer alleys over streets and think of the future in terms of hours and remind me of deleterious version of Papillon on a very bad day ... this does not soften my heart, or make me think warm thoughts about where things are going. And I feel very bad for the kids, who will probably still get lots of chocolate this weekend, as if that were a substitute for everything else. 

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