still in the labyrinth

Just a reminder: I still have work at Labyrinth, including this lovelorn owl. Will he ever find closeness? I guess that's up to you, owl-love denier. 


Fittingly, in the deep end of winter, I am now about halfway through my leave-without-pay. I wish I had something insightful or even just clever to say about the first five months, but they had a kind of heavy speed that I'm still trying to process. There's been a lot more design work than I anticipated, which says something about creativity needing to be special-purposed or concrete in order for people to pay for it, or feel justified in paying for it, but I'm still figuring that one out, too.

There will come a point where I'll just stop hustling as I prepare to go on a back-to-work hiatus (hello, laziness), but in the meantime I've got so much left to do. More owls!

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