i thought they were joking

Or rather, I thought *I* was joking, making comments on random Facebook posts I'd see in my feed, someone talking about, say, their favourite Eagles song and there I'd be, writing, I heard that listening to Don Henley complain about not getting respect can give your kids autism (and self-confidence issues). Because, you know –– I thought this whole vaccination business had run its course, like the Birthers or Flat Earthers. When in reality it was just me coating my own ignorance with a sparkling level of stupidity. 

Because it's back! Take that, Black Mirror. Whatever dystopia you can dream up, real people will raise and re-raise you with even more paranoid, irrational, selfish behaviour. I mean, if we let measles come back? Fucking measles? Well, I think we should just cash it all in at that point. Give every person an acre of natural habitat to destroy (fire? laser-robot dinosaurs? nuclear bombs the size of iPads?) and call it a day.

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