and then my eyes turned black, because i'd filled them with ink

Reading the New York Times Book Review for February 22nd, 2015 *

––Did you know that you can go on a transatlantic cruise with acclaimed actress, artist and philanthropist Jane Seymour? WELL YOU CAN. The Queen Mary 2 leaves port on June 3rd! Just contact your travel agent by clapping your hands and blinking –– very hard –– to the tune of Live and Let Die

––Jeffrey Archer is out of jail? That seems quick.

––Stewart O'Nan is one of those good writers that will never, ever be famous. Sorry, Stuart! 

––Someone wrote a book about all the corruption in the Afghan government. Shocker. Don't tell me that war was a total waste of time/treasure/lives!

––For some reason, looking at the Best Seller Lists makes me close my eyes and imagine Eddie Murphy singing 'Party All the Time'.

––The 'Bookends' section –– a page of opposing views between two writers –– asks, "Does fiction have the power to sway politics?" To which I could only answer, "What's politics? Is it on Facebook?"

* While eating an apple, a peanut butter sandwich (peanut butter + butter on white), Greek yoghurt (probiotic!), and a Blue Menu can of mandarin orange flavoured sparkling water. Which gave me diabetes.

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