there's no place like a new home

Finally, after much stumbling around with this untested dance partner (why have two shoes when you can have two dozen?), I've got my new site looking the way I like: clean, simple and only bleeding art. Even the title of the host – Wordpress – seems more in line with my interests.

Do I miss good old Google... and this site, red-handed? Yes. It was always a personal blog, which means an everything blog, where I could post my thoughts/ideas as I had them, or as they happened to me. Sometimes literally. But then one day I realized that I did not exist on the internet to sell my personality. Or my person. I was supposed to be using it to share my work. And as far as Google as a blogging platform goes, the menu on offer was a bit... limited. One-size-fits-all because we-are-the-biggest-size-around sort of thing.

Please visit my new site or sign up for my circular on Tinyletter; it doesn't hurt and I often give things away. 


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