the end of red-handed

for a brief, sparkly moment in time, people blogged. they had thoughts and other things to share. to blog about. blogging was a thing that people did. people made blogs, people read blogs, people talked about blogs (some people even made money from blogs!). blogs provided, like, 70% of the content of the entire internet.

well, that's done now. that moment has passed. history coughed twice, watched the doctor shake his head and moved on. now people scroll through social media sites on their mobile devices, click click clicking on things that make them instantly angry or delighted (A LITTLE GIRL DECIDED TO BREAK THE RULES... YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!). it's a crowd-world of likes and exclamation marks, fully corporatized. so it goes.

i just want to post art things, with little stories. so i'm clarifying.

i now just have a very simple art site, my gallery shop, and my newsletter. that's it.

no more flickr, tumblr, linkedin, soundcloud, google+, goodreads, etcetera, etcetera.

and minimal facebook.

thanks to all the eyes and brains and even hearts over the years. it was cool. goodbye and good luck.


p.s. mom, i will try to be good about sending along oona pictures. promise.

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