what if they gave a parade but it didn't make a sound?

I heard something about an election campaign going on in Ontario. That there's an election coming up. Like, right away. Something. Three choices and one is embarassed and one is delusional and one is confused. Something about gas plants being bad and firing whole cities worth of civil servants and a big ship that is slowly sinking. Something. I know I voted in an advance poll. Or at least, some old people made me go behind a little paper screen for awhile. Whistling show tunes.

I heard something about a Stanley Cup thing, too. Or at least, some kind of hockey thing except it was all Americans and all the games were in big cities and in places where nobody really cares about hockey and isn't it June right now? Or did I take too many muscle relaxants again? 

What if they gave an election and no one voted? What if they played a hockey game and no one cared who won? 

C says it wouldn't matter if a sizable chunk of the electorate came out and spoiled their ballots but I think it would. Or what if no one watched the Stanley Cup final? 

Quick, tell me who won three years ago.

I thought so. 

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