snow is like pillows. back-breaking pillows.

+ Melting today (!), with no wind, even put my hood down at times, while hauling Oona on the sled. Slogging through the snow/slush brought to mind some rough math (and/or justice): by the end of this week, I'll already have walked about 250 kilometres (155 miles) since the start of the new year, just trudging to daycare and work and back again. I'll do about 1500 kms over a full year.

+ Speaking of idiotic statistics – is there anything more meaningless than a country's standing on the Olympic medal board? Do people actually care? It's like a reality show where everyone pretends to believe in medallions with magic powers.

+ Poems – loading poems in my mp3 player, letting them lurk in the song lists. Because when poetry works I really enjoy it, and I want to know more poems by heart. I've uploaded some herehere and here.

+ New work – here, here, here and here, and in some nice treasuries here and here.

+ I've done many requested or custom orders before, but these were always done in person or by email. Recently I had my first custom order through the Etsy custom-order function, and found the process incredibly easy and workable.

+ Family Day this last Monday. Dumb. I had to work anyway, and C almost lost her mind at home with Oona. And really, since when did we start taking holiday ideas from Alberta?

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