not my circus, not my monkeys

Out with C at the Greek Islands Restaurant (would I recommend the Greek Islands Restaurant? yes, yes I would) talking about how it's not worth talking about the Olympics and how I decided not to talk about the Olympics this year (2014), how uncomfortable people get because it's fun/nice/patriotic/makesmewarm to say Go Canada!, and gosh those professional athletes and their teeth, those teeth like beacons, so I won't talk about the Olympics this year, I won't talk about corrupt officials or corporate-state boondoggles or the pacifying effect of circuses, I won't talk about what it says to attend a party where the host subjugates and imprisons and kills the help, I won't talk about the transition from pure amateur to mercenary professional, I won't talk about the poison called nationalism, I won't talk about cultures that cut programs for the poor or weak or otherwise disenfranchised while shovelling cash, as fast as they can, into the furnace of spectacle, of parade, of songs and medals. And C looked very pretty, and we had a nice meal, talking about other things.


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