C says Bette Davis looks like a sock with eye holes but I think she's grand.

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nite art owl business

a cigar-tin fox

i'll show you

the past

black is the new black

dead beautiful on audio

A snow storm this morning. The kind where people stand there and go – Wow, look at this snowstorm. Couldn't see a block. But really, it was fine. Warm, snowy. The only problem was cars, especially super-cab trucks, because you have to be a special kind of jackass to drive a super cab, and having made that mental backflip, you're not going to let some teenie tiny peasants walking on the road get in your (very important, go go!) way.

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Saw American Hustle this weekend. It's the second installment of the series, where the Empire destroys the rebel base on Hoth. And oh, that Christian Bale can grow a tummy, can't he? And he can really act, too, without having to yell at anyone. Jennifer Lawrence was good, Bradley Cooper was good, but Amy Adams was *really* good.

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