the sparkles are on the inside

And then: Oldboy. The Korean original. Otherwise travelling under the guise of: insane-o-vision, close-crazy-captioning and whacko-scope. Dystopias in miniature, an undercurrent of evil, revenge and bad luck, some ruin from within. With fight scenes! Not for the average North American audience, which only made me like it more.

*   *   *   *   *

So CBC is getting pushed out of the hockey business (a long, slow push – but still). Normally I'd file this under Who Cares but then I saw an editorial (in the Globe, of all places) laying out how this could be a good thing, how it might allow the CBC to stop chasing commercial success (and, by extension, advertising dollars) with expensive programming, and go back to being the home of Things the Private Sector Will Not Do, and thus find its soul again.

Let someone else run Wheel of Fortune.

*   *   *   *   *

And now: the belly-busting barf-fest called CHRISTMAS is only three weeks away, and en route will see some of the glossiest and sleaziest means of manipulation yet invented. 'Tis the spirit, so buy in, get with the program and be part of the team. THE TEAM OF GIVING AND TAKING. Mostly taking. And binge drinking, and grotesque calorie counts, and forced cheer in the workplace, and uncomfortable family gatherings, and the most useless kind of debt. O Roman emperors, if only you had shown more faith in your persecutions! You could have saved us all a bundle.

Because none of us are better off, and the lilies of the field are long forgotten.

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