picture christmas

It's cold. Outside. And it wasn't just the face-freezing and the thigh-burning that tipped me off. Also:
+ Tried to take a photo of the steam coming off Lake Ontario; my camera would not work.
+ The fully-charged battery on my mp3 player drained in about five minutes flat.
But I will still take any amount of cold over rain, any day, because God's tears should be frozen. 

*   *   *   *   *

Are you ready for Christmas? Who cares. We got our tree on Sunday. I'm slowly o slowly moving C in the direction of a fake tree for next year (and beyond). The environmental angle is a good con I mean argument.

*   *   *   *   *

Every once in a blue moon I try to take a computer snap of myself, with some idea that I should draw or paint the occasional self-portrait, because that's what artists do. And then of course that never happens. Cleaning a hard drive this morning, I found this rogues gallery. 

They could definitely stand to be Instagrammed or otherwise cleaned/filtered/glamourized, because as pictures they're rather blunt instruments. But the downside of that is then it wouldn't really be me.

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