we just want good times

I would be smiling more, if they had given me the Wizard of Oz background that I requested.

Sorry, I don't say 'cheese' – I find communal displays of cheer and/or cooperation highly distasteful. Also: something smells

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Speaking of sadness: Mad Dog Vachon died. 

I remember a news story about his recovery in hospital after losing a leg (car-pedestrian accident, followed by blood clot). All sorts of kids sent him hand-drawn pictures, and he held one up and smiled for the camera: in crayon lines it showed him lying on the road with his leg lying beside him.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Almost got myself crushed the other day. Or rather: someone else was near at hand to do the crushing.

I like listening to podcasts as I walk to and from work. I understand it's a distraction, especially in the winter, when I have my hood up, but I consider myself a low-level offender compared to the innumerable smartphone zombies constantly lurch-stepping around me, so constantly surprised they are that the outside world exists, and is something to navigate, while they continue dumb-thumbing their lives away. 

And then there I was, walking across the street because I had reached the intersection first, and thought the car would stop, surely it would stop because that intersection was, in fact, a FOUR-WAY FUCKING STOP. But no, it sailed on through, an entire family grinning idiotically. 

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