the start of November end

A blustery wet Halloween but Dorothy went out anyway – high winds all part of the character. A lost blue sock that will probably surface in a toy bin, late December. We got about twenty-five kids. Later I watched House on Haunted Hill, which is sort of scary not really. Helpful tip: if a certain room contains a vat of acid, then don't go into that room.

November is going to be one long bitter ending, I can tell – Fall raging and spitting and sputtering itself out, either blustering or wasted, those twinkling, still, cold-hearted mornings. And already CBC needs to turn down the volume on the Olympics, Jesus. Aren't there any wars on?

Meanwhile, I'm still getting books to people, and in the mail. Remember that every book from my shop comes with a drawing tucked inside. Take care.

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