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Struggled to find a narrative this week. Yes, fine, fine, who cares about meaning just give me the story. Not just this collapsing hectic with no sound at the bottom. 

By Thursday, all I could come up with was: slow down, do your own work first. IGNORE ALL OTHERS. Certainly it's a short list but still several people who I don't mind doing last-minute-panic work for – my wife, a few friends – but the rest is unadulterated bullshit.

With an inflated sense (and growing) of who we are comes a certain kind of hyper demand: everything right now, I love your work but centre that please I want it to be consistent although I don't know why, when can we meet to talk about the changes. This broken tail light blinking ASAP ASAP ASAP.

Graphic design continues its slow death amidst total chaos and like the end of Rome it has to be absurd and awful and veering towards a manic blackness. Yes, fine, fine, and let's be honest: it was always bad. Any dynamic where you go to someone for their expertise – making them responsible for the result – while keeping all the authority for yourself was always destined to be fucked from both ends. The schools need to discontinue the degree programs and just teach it as a skill, like essay writing or time management or unicorn spotting.

This would leave a lot more time for THE POWER OF YOU, which we can all be thankful for.

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