and nowie bowie

Instead of Thanksgiving – which is weird with the overeating aspect of giving thanks(?!) – we went to the Bowie exhibit at the AGO in Toronto. We took the train, so of course it was late. By an hour and a half. So me and Chicky Pea got to go on big walks in and around the station. And around again.

O Christ she just would not shut up. Mostly just annoying on the trip there but digressing into some pretty terrible behaviour on the trip back. You pinched me! she cried at one point. Yep, I said.

O look at Tim and his faux family. We just drove in from the suburbs! In our Range Rover! I think U2 is still relevant. Do you?

Oona abusing the Ai Weiwei installation in front of city hall.

And if you don't like it? That's ... Chinatown. Oona had the following questions:
Do Chinese people cough?
Do Chinese people eat seaweed?
C told her that Chinese people live in underground forests, like dark elves, and only emerge in times of a banking crisis. Sounded legit.

And yes, of course, no pictures from the Bowie exhibit itself. Didn't even take my camera. LICEN-SING! But C bought a boatload of collectibles, so big a fan she is, and she did enjoy the show very much, all the original costumes and notes and paraphernalia, and Oona hugging her gallery headphones to her ears, while I explained that the various movies did not really end, and that it didn't matter if "David" was a boy or a girl (verdict: girl).

And now I have a cold so bad that it's actually *painful* in my nose. Bah.

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