random notes on wednesday

in question 103; ink on paper (the pencil marks were already on the page from the book's original owner); 5.25 x 8.5 inches. In the shop.
* * * * *

In a picture window of a house on the north side of York Street, between Cherry and Carlyle, you can find a handwritten note that reads:
Thanks for picking
all the tulips.
Now we have none.

* * * * *
As soon as people start talking about the resolution or definition on their television, I walk away. With all my heart, I cannot think of anything less important -- and less relevant to the movie or show -- than how clear the picture is. Resolution is what people talk about when they are capable of saying nothing about what they just watched.

* * * * *

Saw a little movie called Headhunters which revealed itself to be (a)unpredictable and (b)suspenseful. Even C stayed awake for it. Norwegian! Low resolution!

* * * * *

Walking to 'school' (daycare) with Oona:
Sometimes there are spiders and they go in your shoe and they have claws in their mouths and they will bite you. Where do tigers live? I think you have to go in a boat. Riley rips the pages in Sammy's books and he ripped his name tag off the table and they can't make another one so he can't eat. You're not listening. I'll tell you again but you're not listening. I have a headache. Do you have a headache? Are you listening to my headache?
* * * * *

Just *tired* these last few days and I don't know why. Things feel relentless. If it was 1908 and I was rich, I'd check myself into a German spa and let people in lab coats cover me in hot mud.

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