the weekend of the six emperors

Easter Weekend. Did the spirit find you? Us, neither. So we went out looking for it.


Driving driving driving, then the ferry over to Prince Edward County and Picton in particular. LUNCH. Walk around and gape at things. The day is warm and spring-like. As a corrective, Oona talks all the time now. Is there an Olympics for talking? Because I have a miniature gold medalist on my hands. WANT TO TALK TO ME, DADDY?


Lemoine Pointe. It's muddy, and alternately too hot or too cold, and Oona has (not-so-secretly) refilled her prescription of GOOFBALLS. I keep threatening to throw her into the lake or leave her in the forest but she's starting to not believe me.


Easter Sunday! Our little trip today is out to Jones Falls locks. A wee walkabout, and then home. Easy peasy. Let's go down Battersea Road, C says. It's up and down and very wind-y, so a bit slow. But that's okay, because as soon as it straightens out, the car's electronic power steering fails. Yay!

Even more fun is that the driveway I've pulled into seems to be some kind of wireless dead zone, so C can't get any cell phone reception. Yay! Now I get to knock on doors up and down the road (which is really a highway). The guy with the cigarette stains up to his wrist doesn't get any kind of decent signal either, and I try not to stare at the teardrop tattoo on his face as I say thanks anyway. The next guy, who appears to be the kind of guy who wears filthy overalls even on his day off, shows me the best *way* to get reception but doesn't offer to let me use his phone. Yay! More walking! Finally I find someone who has a land line, and a sense of decency, and I sort of have to shout at the CAA lady to get her to understand where I am. BECAUSE IT'S A WILDERNESS.

Yay! The only one who has a good time is Oona, who treats the tow truck as a kind of amusement ride.


An Easter Monday, and another muddled holiday: half the world is off, the other half isn't. So while I take Oona to daycare and puddle off to my studio, C has to work.

Not that she misses anything. I run errands mid-morning and almost instantly regret it; the wind so DETERMINED to be vicious that I keep ducking into places just to get away from it. At least it blasts my face and scalp clean after a haircut.

A US magazine at the grocery store announces that Tiger Woods is now dating average-looking blondes under the title IN LOVE WITH A SEX ADDICT -- which strikes me as not entirely accurate, because I don't think Tiger was addicted to sex so much as addicted to having sex with lots of different women. AN IMPORTANT DISTINCTION.

Anyway, C will be happy because she wants Tiger to be happy, and she's glad that he's winning again too, because WINNING FIXES EVERYTHING. And maybe that's the spirit of forgiveness that Easter's all about. 

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