the empty workshop

If only Jeff Koons could draw this well.

* * * * *
Every so often I am surprised when perhaps I have no right to be. Like when I was confronted with the Jeff Koons illustration in this last weekend's New York Times Style Magazine, to accompany a poem by Matthea Harvey. I had to look twice. So often we are unsure of ourselves in the face of accepted authority. Still, there it was, the evidence provided by full-colour off-set printing: Jeff Koons cannot draw.

Or, more accurately: Jeff Koons draws like a kid in high school. With a nagging brain injury.

Jesus. Has he ever been able to draw or paint? The rest of his work is all pop art sculptures or kitsch porn.

Huh. I mean, I know drawing is not his métier. It's not what he trades in. But he's still an artist. If someone asks him to draw a kitty kat on the blackboard, he should be able to achieve a reasonable facsimile or icon.

Or not.

But I guess The New York Times Style Magazine wanted a drawing. Still, if they were going to mismanage the whole thing, why not ask George W. Bush for the poem half? Or Sinbad? Or Kevin Federline?

It's LOSE LOSE LOSE. Are we even paying attention to who gets the treasure anymore?

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