which witch is that?

a forest, and witches; mixed media on canvas, 6 x 8 inches.

* * * * *

Wee snow storm last night, which always makes everyone a little crazy, but walking has put me on the other side of the divide, in that I don't really mind the snow, in fact I like it within reason, as snow days always have that certain warmth to them, everything greyed and contained and muted down, and there's no line for coffee and easy reasons for being late. As I always tell C, it's *rain* that's a fucking problem, especially the way it always comes in sideways.

* * * * *

Me and C got talking about Bowie the other day, and his new album, which C hates, leading to a more general discussion about certain persons who have achieved the kind of status where you cannot talk badly about them, full stop. An important point to make here is that it doesn't matter if there's actually something bad to say or not; you can only speak of them in half-retarded rapturous terms, regardless of what they say or do or come to represent. The list so far:
Bowie Mandela Dylan Leonard Cohen Dalai Lama Kate Middleton Dame Judi Dench
Of course Princess Diana is a strange case, because in her lifetime she wasn't on the list, then made the list in spades (bad pun) by being killed, but now has started falling off the list as everyone realizes how embarrassingly they (over)reacted in (manufactured) grief. Around the same time we had Mother Theresa dying, and she only got to briefly flit around the list before being shooed away. OLD LADY + LEPERS = BORING.

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