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C and Oona took the train to Toronto this last weekend, to see a theatre production of the Wizard of Oz and stay at the Royal York and go to fancy restaurants and order room service and generally spend about a thousand million jillion dollars.

Certain persons briefly came to believe they were rock stars.

Meanwhile, I slaved away in my studio, only returning to the house late at night to clean and do laundry. As a treat I ate half a bag of marshmallows and watched Contagion, which had a weird docu-overview feel, despite Matt Damon trying to keep it real with some very bad hair. But Gwyneth Paltrow *did* have her head sawed open, which always earns an automatic star.

I now have prints in the shop. So if you see something you like but you're paralyzed by low blood sugar and cheapness, then you can order the print.

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