it's fine

Psychedelic Hallmark Calendar, 1970 - Front Cover

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What do you do with stupid people? O God it's tough. I mean, not only is the stupid person a stupid person, but you in turn are stupified by their stupidity. Myself, I'm almost always caught off guard, and then nearly stunned; I'm expecting REACTION A but instead I get REACTION K or even REACTION W. And then I feel thoroughly stupid myself, trying to work out what else that person must mean, because they certainly can't mean what they just said. But no, they do, and what they said is the social equivalent of shitting on your shoes, and they don't know any better, and what's worse they're kind of ANGRY about it.

So, again: what to do? The answer is, as with so many of these things, to IGNORE. Don't react, in fact don't say anything except maybe yeah, uh-huh and sounds good, and then just try to get away from them as soon as possible. For example, there's one person who, whenever they (I understand I'm misusing the plural here, to avoid designating a gender) come into my office, I simply get up and go to the washroom. If they're going to be there for awhile, I go for a walk.

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