i don't understand what i'm doing to me

alphabestiary 5 (and 5x), for Ariel and our wee project

* * * * *

In a T E R R I B L E mood today, which is strange on one level, because I finally got some sleep last night, and my cold is getting better (at least I can talk), but completely understandable on another level, after another day of sitting in an office that is F R E E Z I N G. I'M WEARING LONGJOHNS AND PANTS AND TRACK PANTS AND A T-SHIRT AND A POLO SHIRT AND A SWEATER AND A BUNNY HUG. So I went to the library at lunch to draw. Which is where the two little monsters above come in.

* * * * *

Is it bad to be counting down the days until someone quits? Well, I guess I'm bad then. BIG SURPRISE.

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