letter #26, broken hill

Canadian Notes and Queries always does a special feature for subscribers wherein they insert a limited printed collectible keepsake, such as bookmarks, broadsides, chapbooks and prints. In the current issue subscribers will find -- tucked in at the back -- one of two kinds of dispatches: a letter that has been folded (by hand) into its own envelope, and an envelope that has *most* of the letter written on the outsides, even swirling around the address, but then finishes with a note on the inside. Both are illustrated. And both were done by me.

CNQ also gave me the back page to rave away on, but instead I just explained the nature of the letter, the story it came from and then some thoughts about creativity in general -- how writing and drawing behave around each other, or at least why I insist they should do so.

Letter #26 is from an illustrated novella called Broken Hill. While it is unpublished, I have some handmade art-book versions in my shop.


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