new season, old ideas

Lots of cigar-tin stories in the shop, including #134.
Hanging around.
Asking awkward questions.

* * * * *

Made the mistake, ever since 1 September, of thinking summer was over, and that I could stop dressing like a toddler or a refugee from a flood. Maybe even wear pants. But by yesterday this idea had culminated in so much sweat that I wondered what was wrong with me, if perhaps I was on fire inside, and why my pants felt radioactive. And then after supper it rained so hard that I just sat by an open window, watching wind, and after awhile went to bed.


  1. You crack me up. Stop the torture, and forget about all conventional ideas of where the seasons end and begin. You'll feel much better! :)

  2. just remember no white after Labor day!!!!

  3. You appear to be living in the same country as me.


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